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30th-Aug-2010 04:12 pm -
Jed Backstage
So it feels like I've been away for AGES, when actually I've been back and to loads :P And that's why I haven't commented on any Jedcest fic or anything for a while, will try and catch up ASAP :) I've read them all though and they're amazing as ever <3

So nothing much new except I've been away a couple of times, only camping and stuff, but it was good :) And I got my GCSE results! XD And I'm actually so chuffed! I honestly thought I'd failed a few subjects because i spent so much time on the laptop when I should have been revising really /embarassed.

Anyway I got 2 A*s, 3 A's, 4 B's 2 C's a distinction and a merit XD I know it sounds like I've added more to that but I did extra subjects and some subjects are split into two or whatever, so honestly I'm not making it up or anything :)

There's a fic I want to post, it's only short and I wrote it ages ago but I'm not sure about it, I don't know why :S There's something missing.

Anyway, /pointless post, but I just wanted to explain why I haven't been commenting much lately, because feedbacking is important to me :) :L
15th-Jul-2010 07:41 pm - Take That and Robbie...:'(
Stay Close To Me
 So, unlike seemingly quite a few people, I am REALLY unhappy about the whole 'Robbie rejoins Take That' thing :'(

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12th-Jul-2010 04:56 pm - Boys Boys Boys ♥
JedHearts ♥

Okay, so I made a John&Edward fanvid :)
I don't even think people will see this but I thought I'd post anyway :)
Song is 'Boys Boys Boys' by Lady Gaga <3
30th-Jun-2010 11:49 pm - Fic Fic Fic <3
Stay Close To Me
I've finished my GCSE's! Which means I have until September to write as much fic as I can XD

I currently have five Jedward WIP's and one Danward, but I have so many more ideas for both of them that I haven't even started on! The trouble with me is that I don't finish anything off before I start another :P But from now on I am going to write as much as possible even though I seem to be doing something every day atm! :P :) I'm going to make an effort to start tomorrow, the plans I had have been cancelled and I have the house to myself so I'll hopefully get at least SOMETHING done :)

I don't know why I'm even posting this, i'm sure no-one will see it or care LOL :) I guess it's a kind of motivation...? Hope it works! :) <3
20th-Mar-2010 05:18 pm - Meme :)
Stay Close To Me
Stolen from Madmancunian :) Mostly just me rambling on but, yeah :)


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19th-Feb-2010 11:53 pm - "Happy Valentines Day, Ed'ard"
Stay Close To Me

Must have: I like twincest. That's all I know for sure :)
Must not have: n/a
Maximum rating: n/a

Rating: PG?
A/N: Hope it's okay! :)
EDIT: LJ reallly hates me tonight :'( Have tried posting this a million times and every time I LJ cut it deleted itself!

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11th-Feb-2010 07:15 pm - Me :P
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6th-Oct-2009 05:46 pm(no subject)
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13th-Apr-2009 11:24 am - Top Gear :D
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